True Professionals in Your Project
True Professionals in Your Project 

We identify the shortcomings and potentials of your organisation.

We analyse processes and products.

We lower overhead expense, costs of material and labour, and we reduce carrying costs.

We straighten the flow of work and of material meeting our customer's requirements.

We streamline the Departments of Development, of Production, of Sales, and of Administration.

We minimise waste in flow and structure.


Essential in production process

  • looking for potentials with our expert eyes
  • using approved methods and instruments of analysis
  • ascertaining the process's degree of maturity
  • minimising non-value-added operations or work flow
  • using MTM and Refa as standard analysis tools
  • managing a standard of commitment by functional specification
  • readjusting the IT support to the process


Essential in product

  • developing product specification
  • implementing modular design
  • ascertaining the product's degree of maturity
  • coaching the developing teams of new products
  • improving the cooperation between make and buy
  • expanding the degree of part standardisation


Essential in management process

  • establishing and enhancing management information system
  • developing process standards
  • training and coaching the managers
  • compiling organisational guidelines
  • compiling organisational charts
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