True Professionals in Your Project
True Professionals in Your Project 

We oversee your projects

We ensure on-time success by multi requirements planning in the project.

We simultaneously plan the budget at the lowest costs.

We motivate the project team to collaborate in an optimal way; we coach the team to enhance effectiveness.


Topics of projects are: line streaming, process optimisation, development and launch of products, factory planning, strategy of purchase etc.



  • general project planning and controlling
  • implementing our in-house developed methodologies 'product's degree of maturity' and 'process's degree of maturity'
  • budget planning, insurance to stay within the budget
  • organising the processes of simultaneous engineering, of continuous improvement and continuous rationalisation
  • developing and realising needed solutions in project's life
  • developing process manuals and process instructions
  • transferring the knowledge of teamwork, of managing projects, and adapted software to the team members
  • team coaching
  • moderation of meetings
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